Animal Activity Licence Application

Please read the Procedural Guidance and relevant guidance in relation to the type/types of Activities you will be applying for:

The full regulations can be found on Legislation.GOV

You will be requested to upload the following documents

  • Plan of the premises
  • Insurance Document, if you have insurance
  • Infection control procedure
  • Operating procedures
  • Risk assessments, including fire
  • Training and qualification records/certificate
  • Details of horses names, equine passport numbers and if applicable microchip numbers (hiring out horses only)

There is also an option to upload one extra document containing any additional information that may assist with your application, such as your booking form or terms and conditions.

The cost of a licence for the above activities is £402.50.

Licence applications for Hiring out Horses and Dog breeding are subject to Inspection by a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon (RCVS) veterinary practice who is registered for the specified animal type. These inspections will incur additional costs to the applicant.

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