FAST: Contact Details


In order for us to demonstrate the positive impact of the FAST programme, we need to evaluate the current level of family participation and how by introducing FAST offers it encourages families to increase their engagement in physical activity.

If you would be happy to be contacted as to how you have found being part of the FAST programme so far, please complete the following form to supply a current telephone number. Your opinions are vital for improvements and continuance of the programme.

All data you give us will be stored securely and will be destroyed at the end of the FAST project. Information will be shared with an external evaluator (Sport England/Substance). Data will include your name & contact details and will also include other personal information such as yours and your children's gender, age and postcode.

Please answer the below statements before continuing with the form

'I understand why Cherwell District Council want to collect my personal data and what will happen to my details' *
'I understand that Cherwell District Council will share my personal data with the external evaluator and Sport England' *