Rural England Prosperity Fund Application 2022

Rural Grants - A Call for Project Ideas

Cherwell District has been allocated £526,000 under the Rural England Prosperity Fund (REPF) to be spent over two financial years, 2023/24 (25%: £131,500) and 2024/25 (75%: £394,500). The REPF provides capital funding to:

  • Support new and existing rural businesses to develop new products and facilities that will be of wider benefit to the local economy. This includes farm businesses looking to diversify income streams.
  • Support new and improved community infrastructure, providing essential community services and assets for local people and businesses to benefit the local economy.

In order to confirm the funding, the council needs to submit an 'Investment Plan' to the Government by the end of November setting out how the funds will be utilised. To help develop the most effective investment plan possible, businesses and organisations are being asked to submit any project ideas they have. This will help the council to understand the types of projects currently being worked on and their scale. Projects must be deliverable by the end of March 2025, must be within Cherwell and must comply with the REPF guidelines (opens in a new window or tab, depending on your browser settings).

Please note that by submitting your ideas you are not committing to undertake the project and neither is the council committed to funding it. There will be a full application process for local projects once the council's Investment Plan has been approved.

You'll be asked about the following:

  • The details of your project.
  • The costs of your project.
  • How much grant funding you are seeking.
  • The details of any match funding you have secured for your project.
  • The issues (referred to as interventions) that your project will address.
  • The benefits your project will deliver.